The dashboard that will revolutionize your Woocommerce management

Woosales will help you increase sales, take better care of your customers, save time and money with a simple and intuitive interface that will extend the functions of your e-commerce site!

Give wings to your e-commerce site with Woosales

Woo Sales installs directly on your WordPress site with Woocommerce and revolutionizes the way you manage customers, orders, statistics, emails and communications.
Managing your e-commerce, your orders and your customers will be child’s play.

Clear and advanced management

A platform for clearer management of customers, orders and statistics that adds advanced features to your Woocommerce.

A CRM, with 360° control

Complete view of your leads, customers and business: everything under control with minimal effort.

Automation of marketing activities

Great for automating communications with your customers. Woosales is fully integrated with Mailster, a perfect plugin for sending newsletters, creating email automations and increasing your sales.

Manage your files

Archive the files necessary for your business by attaching them to clients, projects or different users to always have them at hand.

Manage your Quotes

Create personalized quotes in just a few steps: a simple, fast and professional solution to manage your sales.

Manage Deadlines and Payments

Manage order deadlines and payments with ease. Woosales gives you complete control over your transactions

Detailed Statistics

Get valuable statistics to improve your sales strategies and maximize profits.

Google Analytics Statistics

Woosales is fully integrated with Analitify, an advanced platform for managing Google Analytics statistics.

Agent Network Control

If you want, you can also manage agent networks starting from the simplest to the most complex (with the Woosales Agent and Woosales Agent Advanced versions).

And much more…


You will have a professional platform to manage your e-commerce made with Woocommerce.
Check out the features:

Woo Sales is perfect for all devices: computers, smartphones and tablets

You and your collaborators will be able to see all your customers and their order details even on tablets or smartphones.

Installs easily

It is a platform in itself, which is installed in a sub-folder of your website (for example your which communicates directly with your Woocommerce. You will be able to manage your e-commerce without entering your WordPress with a simpler interface and with many new functions.

Advanced Customer and Order Management

Managing orders and customers will be faster and more fun

Woo Sales will allow you to quickly edit the details of your customers and orders without having to log into the admin of the WordPress site.

  • Unilevel commissions
  • Stairtstep commissions
  • Commissions Based On Product Category
  • Product Based Commissions
  • Commissions In Percentage
  • Dry Amount Commissions

Create Orders For Your Customers

Just a simple click

With a simple click you can create orders for your customers. From Woo Sales you will be logged into your website as if you were the customer, you will be able to see his reserved area and place an order for him.

Sending emails to customers

Send emails to even more customers

Woo Sales allows you to send emails to your customers (even with attachments) and find them in their customer profile so as to keep all communications sent under control. You can select a single customer or several customers at a time and everything you do will be tracked.

Clone Orders Or Merge Orders Together

Advanced functions to manage orders

With Woo Sales you can also select an order and create a copy or merge two orders from the same customer.


Choose how to manage quotes

If you want, you can also have your agents create estimates that you can turn into orders simply by changing their status on Woocommerce.

Deadlines And Manual Payments

Control all financial aspects as best you can

With Woo Sales you will finally be able to record your manual payments or add deadlines to orders in order to keep company liquidity under control.

By managing deadlines you can also, thanks to external plugins, manage payment reminders via email.

Prices And Discounts By Role

Customization based on multipliers or per single product

With Woo Sales, if you want, you can also manage prices and discounts by role. By enabling this function, you can decide prices by role based on multipliers or by single product. You can decide whether to show them with taxes or without, whether to hide the “add to cart” button or also hide the “price”.


Check the sales statistics

Within Woo Sales you will also be able to see the sales statistics divided by agents, you can filter them by date and export them in pdf or csv. You will always have the data of your sales network at your fingertips.

Project management

Create new projects

In the case of larger projects, if you want, you can use Woo sales to create multiple projects. Projects are “containers” that will allow you to store Files, Orders and Estimates within them. If, for example, you are working on the renovation of a house, you will be able to create the project for that house and archive all the orders for the necessary materials, all the images of the work or the drawing files inside it. The Projects will allow you to keep your most complex processes under control and have every data under control.

File Management

Upload your files

If you want, in Woo Sales, you can upload your files. You will be able to upload catalogs in pdf, doc files, excel and much more to make them immediately available to your agents. You will be able to upload estimates, photos or documentation directly to your customers’ files in order to have all the information necessary to follow each customer in the best possible way, without wasting time. You can also decide whether to attach a file or a link to the file so that Woo Sales can be integrated with your Dropbox, your Google Drive or your Cloud.

Roles And Permissions

Customize your reserved area

With Woo sales you can manage everything you want your users to see and manage. With permissions and roles you can customize your reserved area to the max.


To log in as Administrator: User: admin – Pw: administrator!
To log in as Sales Agent: User: salesagent – Pw: salesagent!

Install it on your website and at the end of the trial period, if you’re interested, just buy a license to make it fully functional.

Choose your version

Woo Sales exists in three versions, Dashboard, Woosales Agent, Woosales Agent Advanced. With the dashboard you can take advantage of all the features of WooSales except the part dedicated to sales agents. With Woosales Agent you will have all the features of Woosales Dashboard and you will be able to manage simple agent networks at a single level, with the Advanced you will be able to manage more complex agent networks with agents, and infinite levels of sub-agents (also perfect for multi level marketing). You can easily switch from one version to another by simply paying the supplement.

Woosales Dashboard99

  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • Product Management
  • Estimates
  • Invite friends and referral system
  • Statistics
  • Messages
  • Files Manager
  • Project Management
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Woosales agent Advanced499

  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • Product Management
  • Estimates
  • Invite friends and referral system
  • Statistics
  • Messages
  • Files Manager
  • Project Management
  • Agent Management (Complex Networks and MLM)
  • Supplier Management
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Woosales is a WordPress plugin. To use Woosales, you need a WordPress site and Woocommerce.

Absolutely not. You can configure just about everything Woosales has to offer without any coding knowledge.

Absolutely not. Woolales is carefully built with performance in mind.

We don’t offer refunds because we give you the option to install a fully functional version of Woosales and try it for 14 days. Once you have decided that Woosales is right for you, just buy the license and replace the license key in your installation to have everything working.

Of course! You can use Woolales on customer sites.

Yes, we have an affiliate program.

Yes sure. Support is included in the annual cost. Customizations are calculated on an hourly basis. If you need it, do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote.

Still having doubts?

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